Has anyone attempted to factor in the actual square mileage of a
region when assigning provincial levels?
I am trying to convert my own campaign realm into BR stats, and
have some really big provinces, and some really small provinces. It
seems to me that the big province should have a higher level of source
than the smaller province, even if they are of the same terrain type.
Also, it would take a much higher population to affect the sources of
the big province than it would to destroy the sources of the smaller
So, if the terrain list in the rule book represents the maximum
level of an average sized province (size="x" square miles) then a
formula could be written which would allow for the terrain maxs. to be
calculated for the "below average and above average sized provinces.
I'm not much of a mathmatician, so .......

I hate to point fingers, but I know that several of you guys are
engineers & architects, and a few of you are nearing 'demigodic' stature
(at least IMHO) in terms of original BR design. (No horn tooting
intended...) :)

Any mathmatical equations would be greatly appreciated.