At 02:09 PM 7/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Got a reply from the wizards webmaster -
>We are saved, BR is coming back online shortly, they just have to get their
>domain hosts to play nicely
>I guess until they fix it we should keep using, but that hasn't
>been a real server for over three months apparently. It will all be
>, I am given to understand, but that should take some time -
>updating a web page is not allways an easy task, and integrating three
>companies onto a single set of links has got to be tons tougher.... I wish
>them well...

That is correct. The website was relaunched and then the server (not our
responsibility) crashed. It WILL be back online--according to the people
who maintain the server--by the middle of this week. We'll see.

It is NOT a slam at BR or any other line (thank goodness). Everything that
was there will be coming back.

Ed Stark
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