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    Tuarhievel: Altruistic Sacrific

    Well, i haven't been following this thread (or is this the begining?)
    but i have some idea's that i could offer...

    >As for it being an act of desperation, I say not likely. Consider
    >this: the
    >Gorgon says he will attack unless Fhileraene hands himself over to
    >him. I
    >have a few problems with that.
    >1) once he has Fhileraene what is to keep him from attacking anyway?

    Well, first and foremost would be that Lawful Evil alignment thing of the

    >2)a Tuarhievel without an elven ruler is even weaker and more
    >than before, an easier target for old Split-Hooves than before. SO
    >Fhileraene is making their position worse by delivering himself to the
    >Gorgon not ensuring anyone's safety.

    again, being lawful, and somewhat honorable, he wouldn't (IMHO)

    >3)Why would the Gorgon bother warning them of his attack, why not just
    >ahead and attack? Unless he has so many petty squabbles on his hands

    Well, sorta like saving a rival from falling off the cliff by bringing
    them up, then only bashing them back down again. I guess it's just a form
    of either sick humor for old stoney-butt, or just that Lawful thing
    getting in the way :)

    hmm, it looks like i need to find me a copy of that source book of
    Tuarhivehil (sp?)

    Good gaming,

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    Tuarhievel: Altruistic Sacrific

    Possibly the Gorgon has more important plans than invading the elves, likely
    to be a long war considering their advantages at home, and the threat of a
    second front from the Sielwode.

    However, with Fhilaeraene (sp) in his hands, the elves are even less likely to
    interfere with his plans than ever. The Gorgon has always seemed to be
    willing to allow realms destroy themselves from within, with just little
    nudges to take them down the path. For no cost to himself at all, the Gorgon
    has removed one threat to him, and moved a little closer to a successful
    invasion of Anuire (or somewhere else for that matter).

    - -joshua

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    Pieter A de Jong

    Tuarhievel: Altruistic Sacrific

    At 08:59 PM 7/14/98 -0400, Erik wrote:
    >hmm, it looks like i need to find me a copy of that source book of
    >Tuarhivehil (sp?)
    >Good gaming,
    Yes, this would be a good idea. As the only Players Secrets for an Elven
    Domain, it is really quite interesting. Among other things, the map
    indicates the presence of 15 seperate "wizards compounds". Assuming 1
    wizard/compound (very conservative, and remember non-blooded characters
    aren't supposed to establish strongholds until 9th level) and taking
    Tuarhievel as a typical elven domain, with 6 other elven domains (Sielwode,
    Lluabright, Coullabhie, Innishiere, Rhuannach, the one on the edge of the
    Vos realms) this indicates approximately 105 elven wizards, making a mockery
    of the 120-140 total wizards in the game argument.

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