I am playing High Mage Aelies in a PBeM (Sindre's, the other TO adress).
I am mailing this to the list and my DM so we can all look at them and

I don't have levels for them yet, some might end up being realm spells:

Level: 4+ ??
Range: N/A
Duration: Special-1 round/level
Area of Effect: One person or 1 scroll/level
Components: ???
Casting Time: 1 or 3 rounds
Saving Throw: None

Convert is almost useless be itself and must be combined with ESP or a
similar spell. Convert is only useful be itself for Priest Scrolls.

Convert allows a wizard to understand Priestly scrolls, memorized priest
spells (need an ESP), and Psionic abilities (need ESP and a DM to say
what spell level the ability would be) and use them as if they were
wizards spells. When cast the wizard may copy and convert
spells/abilities from other people's minds to the wizard's mind or
translate priest scrolls so the wizard (and only him) may understand and
use it.

When used to convert a scroll(s) the spell takes one round to cast then
the wizard may read the affected priest scrolls as if they were wizard
scrolls for the duration of the spell.

When used to copy spells/abilities the spell takes 3 rounds to cast and
will be maintained until the wizard finishes copying the
spells/abilities. Copying spells is done just like memorization from a
spell book. The wizard must be able to memorize more spells and cannot
exede his/her spell limit.

The wizard must roll a chance to learn spell when he casts the
spell/ability. When converting Psionic Abilities the wizard's chance to
learn spell number is halved for this purpose. FAiluire mean the spells
fizzles, sucess means the spell/ability is cast as normal.

Copying spells from someone elses mind will ALWAYS require a type of ESP
connection. If the connection is only one way (ie. I can read your mind
but you can't mentally convese with me) the chance to learn spell gets a
- -10%.

This may be done on unwilling targets but they get a saving throw for
the ESP.

NOTE: The actual ESP spell will not work, a deeper level of connection
is required