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Here's some encounter tables for the Rjurik nation of Kvigmar:

2d10 Kvigmarheim All Other
Roll Province Provinces
2 Loup du noirs (1d6) Ice giants (1d4)
3 Cave bear (1d2) Snow trolls (1d2)
4 Wild dogs (4d4) Giant lynx (1d4)
5 Red foxes (1d2) Arctic owlbear (1)
6 Lynx (1d4) Dire wolves (3d4)
7 Red dear (1d4) Faerie folk
8 Mountain hares (1d12) Clansmen (1d10)
9 Red Squirrels (1d6) Hedgehogs (1d2)
10 Shepherds (1d4) Mountain hares (1d12)
11 Clansmen (10d10) Red squirrels (1d6)
12 Farmers (1d20) Red dear (3d4)
13 Royal patrol Wild goats (10d10)
14 Brecht traders (2d6) Wolves (2d12)
15 Wild goats (1d10) Lynx (1d4)
16 Weasels (1d2) Urga-Zai goblins (4d6)
17 Dire wolves (3d4) Zombie wolves (2d4)
18 Huge ravens (2d4) Behirs (1d2)
19 Dopplegangers (3d4) Wights (2d8)
20 Wights (2d8) Banshee (1)

You can check out my slightly battered Player's Secrets of Kvigmar
webpage a, but do realize
I'm new to such things and that it is still under major constrution.

"Ranma, that felt like a baby's kick!" - Hebiki Ryoga

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