Darren wrote:

> Not only that, but to my pleasant surprise, there within the Polyhedron
> was a small BR adventure for Hogunmark - looks good from the initial
> scan.
> All in all, I highly recommend any of you who haven't subscribed to the
> RPGA, make sure you do so quickly - June's issue and its goody
> (Hogunmark SB) is DEFINITELY worth the price of a year's subscription.

The European branch of the RPGA has a different Polyhedron magazine
from North America, and also does different special gifts (as far as I
know). Does anyone know if the European RPGA will give away the Hogunmark
domain sourcebook, and if the European polyhedron will have the same
adventure in it, and if so, when? If not, then I see very little point in
joining. I e-mailed the address given on the RPGA Europe WWW page a few
weeks ago about these things, but predictably received no reply.