Speaking of BR products:

I FINALLY received my freakin' copy of the Polyhedron today!!! But, I
have to say it was worth the wait - or, more precisely, the HOGUNMARK
sourcebook was worth the wait!

Boy, oh, boy, you guys! My hat goes off to Carrie - it was a very well
thought out and interesting read! I especially liked 'The Sorcerer' -
heh - funny that this character popped up at just the same time as the
Magic Section described the fall of the CoS in the BROCP - perhaps
Xavier escaped after all, Carrie ... :D

Not only that, but to my pleasant surprise, there within the Polyhedron
was a small BR adventure for Hogunmark - looks good from the initial

All in all, I highly recommend any of you who haven't subscribed to the
RPGA, make sure you do so quickly - June's issue and its goody
(Hogunmark SB) is DEFINITELY worth the price of a year's subscription.