I was in the Marine Corps.....RPG's are in.....

They won't and can't discharge you for playing them.

Sgt. U.S.M.C.


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Okay, this is going to be a really strange question, but i hope some will
have some kind of answer for me :)

I just graduated from high school this year, but unlike most of my
friends, i am not going to college. Instead, i joined the U.S. army. the
benefits were almost unbelieveable, and i know the struggles of middle
class families that have 2 children in college. believe me, i know enough
just from my sister going through her first two years. So i joined the
army. no student loans and such for me. Now, you are probably wondering
what this has to do in relation to TSR or birthright. well, i was
wondering if anyone knew what the Army's take on RPG's were? I have heard
the the army used to "dishonorably discharge" anyone found using a TSR
based product, and any kinds of role-playing were looked down upon. I was
curious if anyone had info regarding this (although i have asked my
recuiter, he answered extrememly evasivly).

Sorry for that strange question, but i would like to know what my chances
are of continuing my love of TSR while in the army.


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