Tim Nutting wrote:
> In the esteemed opinion of the list members:
> What problems would a rightful heir to the Iron Throne face should he
> choose to claim it?<

Well, the answer to this rests largely on the circumstances that exist
within your campaign. However, I will attempt a brief summary of my
opinions on the problems facing a would-be emperor ...

First question that a prospective emperor should ask is what you stated

> Who might ally themselves with the new Emperor?

This is the most important, since everybody needs friends, especially in
this awnsheghlien invested world. This is also the hardest to answer.
Personally, I would think that only a handful of regents would - things
are going just too well for (most of) them to have to worry about paying
taxes to a higher power. So, basically, only those people who would see
having a 'protector' they can count on to shelter them from the harsh
realities of politics in Anuire would side (wholeheartedly) with a
prospective emperor. To me, this really only means 3 regents - Medoere,
Mhoried, and (loosely) Ilien. Aerenwe would also probably openly
support a new emperor, but thats just a personal thing - if a new regent
took the throne of Aerenwe, things might be different. Oh, I guess the
Chamberlain, too -- IF he gets to keep his job ...

Other than those 4, I would watch my back if I was the new emperor, and
only trust those I KNEW I could trust. Unless your DM has radically
changed things in the standard RoE book ...

Second problem: 'How to keep unruly vassals in line?' Well, this is an
age old question - just look to many history books to find answers.
Even those people under the prospective emperor ought to be watched -
remember, a change of plans is only a bloodtheft away ... Sun Tzu has
some words of advice in this regards - keep your friends close, but your
enemies *closer*.

Third problem: 'Lets hope I've got more soldiers than my contenders ...'
this one is self-explanatory.

Fourth: 'How can I AFFORD all this?' Again, another problem facing a
prospective emperor - wars take money - lots of it. Mostly for
'retirement funds', if you get my drift ... :)

Fifth problem: 'Why does *every* underling have to be SO incompetant?'
Like countless leaders have whined about, finding good helpers is always
a problem. Heh, when I DM, I really play this point out (I make my
players WORK for their goals - mostly, they end up having to do all the
work themselves! hehehe :D ) Remember that most people under the
prospective emperor has family to think about, plus most intelligent
ones would be thinking of that 'retirement' fund when they are no longer
useful ... and can't count on rebellious & thoughtless children to look
after them in their old age. :) Remember, this isn't 20th century
Earth! (Oh, what a minute, the above doesn't sound very different from
today ...) :) (Just joking)

Sixth Problem: 'The Gorgon takes a very dim view on people who sit on
HIS throne ...' 'Nuff said ... One word of advice: Don't be like
Micheal Roele. That would be a stupid thing to do.

Seventh problem: 'But ... but ... really, I'm an OKAY guy?!?' Trying to
convince people that YOUR way is best is a problem leaders have faced
since the dawn of time. The prospective emperor would have better luck
committing bloodtheft on a hunk of rock ... :)

Eighth problem: 'How many *times* do I have to show them I'm a good
leader?' People will constantly test the prospective emperor to judge
whether he or she is 'worthy' of leading them - this problem is
instinctual - look at lions and monkeys ... even AFTER they have
recognized the prospective emperor as their leader!

Ninth problem: 'Marriage? MARRIAGE? Who needs that!?!' People need
to see a family (wo)man - they think your aren't normal if you aren't in
a stable relationship ... shows natural leadership qualities if you are
'leading' your own family. Plus, a family is (supposed to be) the ONLY
thing one can unequivacally count on ... in a harsh world like
Aerbrynnis. In addition, it gives the impression of hereditary
leadership - to show that the war and destruction that brought the
prospective emperor to the throne won't happen again ... (yeah, right)

Tenth problem: 'You've GOT to be kidding me ...' If the prospective
emperor thinks he has dwelt with the above nine problems - he isn't cut
out to be an emperor - go back to step one! :D

> Knowing that Anuire would fall into chaos, what would the Awnsheghlien do?

Assuming by 'chaos', you mean that his bid for the Iron Throne failed?
Well, not much in my opinion, except for the Gorgon, who would try and
take advantage of the situation somehow. Depends on the situation ...

> For that matter, what would the Rjurik, Khinasi, and Brecht do?

Considering that communication is fairly poor in Cerilia, I would say
that they couldn't do that much - by the time one of them heard about
the change, it would be too late to do much about it except begin
plotting its downfall! Heh. On the other hand, I think regents within
those areas have enough of their own problems to worry about whether or
not to mess in some other part of Cerilia.