at 01:01 am 8.7.98 -0700, tim nutting wrote:

>What problems would a rightful heir to the Iron Throne face should he
>choose to claim it?

the main problem i foresee is avan, boeruine, and tael all trying to claim
the same thing, and wouldn't want some upstart usurper getting in the way..
no matter how legitimate their claim. which brings me to my next point:

>Who might ally themselves with the new Emperor?

caliedhe dosiere. a smart heir who could prove he was the heir would get
the chamberlain's approval. that of course opens up the door for everyone
else to attempt assassinations left, right, and center =) if caliedhe backs
anyone's claim up, something's going to hit the fan..

in terms of nations, i don't think anyone would declare outright support
for yet *another* iron throne-heir. strongarm tactics would work (ie:
taeghas, talinie) assuming our heir has the military might to do so.

>Knowing that Anuire would fall into chaos, what would the Awnsheghlien do?

carpe diem.

>For that matter, what would the Rjurik, Khinasi, and Brecht do?

probably little of note. anuirean politics don't interest them all that
much. unless, of course, anuire does reunify and sends armies across
cerilia again -- that might provoke a more militant response. who knows,
there might be an anti-anuirean alliance (or "triple-a" :) among the
bordering nations.


hey, no charge =)


- -nick