On Wed, 8 Jul 1998 01:01:59 -0700 "Tim Nutting"
>What problems would a rightful heir to the Iron Throne face should he
>choose to claim it?

Well, for one, they would face ridicule. If Diemed suddenly said "I
should be Emperor", I imagine everyone would laugh. What right would the
claimant have? Medoere would obviously say "No, thanks" and then joke
about it for ages. Further removed nations like Mhoried would probably
just fall over laughing, then go kill some goblins.

Secondly, who would support such a claim? If one person says "I'm the
Emperor", sure as blood runs red 4 or 5 others would say the same thing.
And then who would you follow?

>Who might ally themselves with the new Emperor?

I imagine the only people that would ally with a claimant are vassals
(because they have to) and maybe a very close ally who thinks the new
Emperor would respect their long held alliance with rewards. Nobody else
would, though. For instance, if Avanil made the claim supported
begrudingly by Taeghas and Brosengae. I imagine Tuornen would probably
get scared and turn to Boeruine for help, and Boeruine would make the
claim, supported strongly by Talinie. Mhoried would probably decide if
either was worthy, and unless they really were, not even respond. Ilien
might make some neutral statement, while Roesone and Medoere might unite
even more. All in all, things would probably go down into flames as
everyone bickered about it, just like happens in most PBEMs when someone
claims to be Emperor.

>Knowing that Anuire would fall into chaos, what would the Awnsheghlien

If they had any brains, invade. The Spider could wipe out Medoere pretty
fast, or northern Diemed, or Endier, or western Ghoere, etc etc. Old
stoney butt would call up the massed legions and pound on Elinie and
Mhoried, if just to thin the herd of goblins. Rhuobe would most likely
take out a province of Tuornen since Tuornen is least likely to resist
and return the favor. Thurazor might decide to eat a province of
Dhoesone just for the heck of it, or maybe part of the Five Peaks.

>For that matter, what would the Rjurik, Khinasi, and Brecht do?

Well, I think most nations in other regions would simply laugh about it,
and try to take advantage. The Khinasi states nearest Anuire aren't
really in a position to take advantage, so they probably wouldn't. Ariya
might be a little policitally weakened with its neighbors if it supports
a failed claim to the crown, so Ariya may cut ties to be safe. Brechtur
would probably start selling weapons and supplied to all parties, making
a healthy profit. Rjurik would probably not care, so long as those
stupid Anuireans didn't march their way. They may take the opportunity
to throw out the few Anuirean holdings in Rjurik, but that's about it.
Vosgaard probably wouldn't hear about it for a long time, and then might
send mercenaries, but would likely do nothing. The elves would watch
closely, and take out any humans encroaching in their lands, but nothing


Just a few ideas that I had. Enjoy, Tim!


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