Hello, I am Jesse Dean the Dm of the Khinasi potion of Darkstar's PBEM.
We have had a lot of reshuffling in the campaign lately and we have entirely
new Dms for every single area of the campaign except for Khinasi( me =) ).
Well, now to the point of it....there are many open domains in the campaign
now and we are accepting as many applicants as we can get. Below is a list of
openings in the various sections as well as who to contact.
Our web site is at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Maze/2075
Oh and the Khinasi specific page is at

Khinasi Available Realms

•Zikalan Temple of Avani
•Binsadan Temple of Leira
•Chosen of Khirdai
•Nuridan Temple of Sarma
•Medecian Way of Avani
•Extraordinary Traders of Turin
•Saere Consortium
•Ghoudaia Coster
•Leauge of Pious Merchants
•Docandragh Coster
•Zhainge Merchant Guild
•Rahil the Falcon
•Jayim el-Zisef

Far Ilses Expansion
I have added the Golden Archpileago to my area of the campaign. The regetns
in it are detailed below:

•Alamuta:a pirate have ruled by the witty and gallant Scarlet Buccaneer
•Urganj: A nation of goblin pirates
•Besarif: the largest of the Far Isle nations, is ruled by a paladin of Nasri

•Besarif Merchant Leauge: A pragmatic guild willing to deal with goblins and
humans alike
•Southern Merchant Consortium: A pirate guild with large holdings in Serif.
•Southern Temple of Avani: A vigilant temple catering to the needs of the
population of the Far Isles.
•Temple of Uganj: The temple catering to the goblins spritual needs
•The Old One:Perhaps the most powerful goblin wizard in the world, this goblin
controls sources throughout the isles
•Court Wizard of Besarif: The Court Wizard and cousin of the ruler of Besarif.

The Brechtur DM is:
Katherine Gauren Danig (law regent of Danigau), Dauren, Wierech, Berhagen,
Rheulgard (All three land holders), Muden (Both land regents), and Grabentod
regent Parniel Bowspear

Northri Guthvarsson, Sera's Perfekt Symmetry, Kirche's Tundarr, Stormlord
Seerbrand, Haelyn's Warriors, Land's Protector, Old Father of Forests,
Morathos Everdark, Drachenchauchen, Sailor's Home, Ayairda's Cleaning Home,
and Tor of Lirorn.

Volse Redbedtehr, Ilse Redbedtehr, Copper & Coke, Moon Shine Sailors, Deep
Steel Miners, Morjägers, Black Ice Traders, Grevesmuhler Traders, Grovnikk
Glössevik, and Donnek Borg Forjen.

Vaar Gestaad, Gastus Reigart, Caliene Llwelyn, and Lianna Rünjoral.

The Vos DM is JulesMrshn@aol.com
These are the domains and regents open:
Markovlan Saravok(Varsk Breeders)-Guild
Barak Wohlken - Law
Lita Torsk - Law
Raiders Of Yeninskiy - Law and Guild
One True Church of Vosgaard - Temple
Sword of Halaia - Temple
Lana's Light - Temple
Surzek Goblins -Law
Petropavinsk Woodhewers - Law and Guild
Devastation of Maglubiyet - Temple
Temple of Sirova - Temple
Viktor Kesskin (Varsk Breeders) - Guild
Raiders of Velenoye - Guild
Sword Rust Tribes
Last Scream -Temple
Y'urre - Mage and Law
One True Church of Vosgaard - Temple
Order of the Moon - Guild
Peitro's Men - Law and Guild
Natalia Geriver - Guild

The Rjurik DM is nanaki_redxii@hotmail.com
These are his available domains:stojdvik traders,
three trees traders, blood skull barony