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    Joe & Jodi Walder


    No unfortunately TSR did not publish an MC specific to the BR series.
    But if you look in the MC Annual Volume 3 (1996), you'll see TSR listed
    Cerilian Dragons, Giants, Goblins, and Humans. Plus in some of the BR
    accessories (i.e., The Warlock of the Stonecrowns, etc.) you'll find a
    few listings. In Warlock, for example, both Fhoimorien Giants' and
    Stonecrown Ogres' stats. are listed. I hope this helps.


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    Brian Stoner


    Morgramen the Magician wrote:

    > Did TSR ever publish a Birthright MC? Does anyone have a list (or web
    > site) that has some new creatures for BR?
    > Morgramen

    Well, not yet. The catalogue as it existed earlier this year had a product
    that was going to be released this fall that was supposed to have many BR
    monsters. Unfortunately, things have gotten a bit confusing since then. All
    new BR stuff was pushed back till January...and now, there are rumors that BR
    has been canceled. I believe these are rumors only, but since no one at TSR
    has debunked or confirmed them, we cannot be sure. I hold out hope. I'm sure
    that Ed Stark, who has shown a lot of interest on this list and been a great
    help, is quite busy these days with various products. But, if he is still
    reading (Ed? You out there?), I hope he can shed some light on the
    situation...(hint, hint). Anyway, other than the occasional monster listed in
    various accessories and adventures, no BR specific monsters have been


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    Morgramen the Magician


    Did TSR ever publish a Birthright MC? Does anyone have a list (or web
    site) that has some new creatures for BR?


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