Cool, I don't know if anyone besides the Serpent currently has this
ability, but if other's could get it then I see it as a pretty cool -- yet
very rare ability.

Though, have you though about expanding it's perimeters? Perhaps the
Serpent only loses RP's when the spells are actually cast, and only then if
he approves. A set up somewhat similar to the Dragon Kings of Athas?

Just curious.


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Kariu wrote:

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> This blood ability I came up with is the ultimate manifestation of a god
> in any human being. It only works for regents. I'll be breif.
> Divine Grant
> Derivinations: All
> Strength: Great, but True Bloodline of 75+ is required
> A regent with Divine Grant my grant priest spells from the allowed
> spheres of his derived god (Anduiras for Roele) by paying RP equal to
> the spell level of the spell granted. Spells can only be granted in
> this way that could be cast by a priest of half the scion's level
> (highest for multi or dual-class). The scion my do this as often as he
> wishes. Divine Grant is the rarest of all the blood abilities. The
> only scion that could have it is the Serpent, whose followers can cast
> spells.
> What do you think
> Doesn't sound to bad, but your clause that the Serpent is the only one
> could have this ability leads one to think that him and his line are
> restricted to it. Why for instance could the Gorgon not have it?
> My 2 cents.
> muaa


My feeling of what was meant was that the Serpent was the only Scion that
currently expresses this blood abilities presence as his priests can cast
spells (up to 5th level - Serpent = Demi God Status). The Gorgon could have
this ability, however there is no evidence to support this as there is for
Serpent. Correct me if I am wrong about this.-- Stay tuned, same bat time,
same bat channel,

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