I don't know if this has been discussed recently, but what do people
think about being able to redefine the borders of a province. I was
looking at the map of Khinasi and the provinces of Northern Black
Spear Lands that border Rhuannach.

What would happen if the Elves decided to take back the forest and had
units stationed along the forest border of the two most eastern
provinces. The Elves don't want to fight for the plains, just the
forest. Is it possible to redraw the provinces with a border running
along the edge of the forest so that you end up with a completely
forested province, and one that contains plains and hills. And if you
can do this, how do you split the province ratings?(Keeping in mind
that most non-Elven provinces tend not to have large population
centres surrounded by forest when there is a plain to build on.)

PS I know this posting also involves an elven Nation, but I'm sure
other examples exist.

Shaun Hodgson.