Hey y'all:

(In the interest of getting people off the current topics of

I have a question for all of you. This never really occurred to me
before, until I forced myself to think about it (yeah, well, that's
usual for me! :D ). Anyway, I was thinking about the current pantheon
of BR gods and their relationships to each other. And then it hit me:

3 of the gods were NOT human!

Yeah, 'Mr. Studd', 'Woo Baby', and 'Miss Thang' (Cuiraecen, Eloele, and
Laerme, respectively) all came from the other gods. And who said the
gods didn't have any fun! My question is:

What does this mean?

I guess I should explain. The old gods were really active in their
human cultures, and now the new gods are too (I assume), being that they
were once human; they still have fond memories of their mortal lives.
But what does this mean for the 'children' of these former mortals. I
distinctly remember that they came AFTER the Battle of Deismaar, so
these guys weren't really mortal humans, or really anything at all. In
fact, aren't they a result of the mixing of the portions of the other
gods' energies? Are they just pure energy beings? Does this mean they
take a less active role in Cerilia and with their worshippers? What
does this mean to these gods? What does this imply concerning their
world perspective?

I ask because this has become a very important question in my game (the
gods are an integral part of my campaign story). I'm still working
through these questions myself, but I'm interested to hear what the rest
of you all think about these three gods (or the rest of them, for that