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>Pieter A de Jong wrote:
>If the total population of Cerilia is around 25 million (my
>aforementioned guess) and 1 in 10,000 humans is a blooded mage, that makes
for a
>total population of 2,500 mages running around. That means the 10% "exclusion"
>guideline I gave would yield 250 mages of high level to deal with,
>more than the 20+ you note, or even all the mages described in all the
>materials. That's excluding elves who, despite their magical nature, don't
>really have that many more mages if you use the numbers I presented. Even
if I'm
>completely overestimating the total population of Cerilia, it still works.
If my
>guess is five times the "real" number, then there would be 50 "excluded" mages.

I got to say your system seems to work fine Pieter. As to the actual
population of Cerillia I've dug up some ancieny snippets from the list(see
below) which seem to indicate a population level of around 8 million.
The regions of Anuire and Khinasi have been counted to 2,6M and 1,5M
I would say Brecht is probably in between these two, make it 2M
Both Rjurik and Vos I'ld put at 1M making a total of 8M for the whole of

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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 22:02:37
From: "L. Willett"
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Some Anuirean Figuring

There are 205 provinces listed in the "Ruins of Empire", which make up
Anuire. They are distributed thusly:

Level # avg population
---- -- ----------
0 1 1 k
1 24 2 k
2 60 6 k
3 77 10 k
4 28 15 k
5 15 25 k
6 11 40 k
7 2 55 k
8 - 70 k
9 - 85 k
10 1 100 k

For a total Anuire population of approx : 2,623,000

The average province size is 1,250 square miles. Giving a total average
area covered by the 205 provinces of 256,250 square miles. Which gives a
average population density of 10.2 people per sq mile, or 12,800 people per
province, for an average province level of 3.5
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:07:44 +0200
From: "Jan P. M. Arnoldus"
Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Paladins in birthright

Jan P. M. Arnoldus wrote:

stuff about paladins
The way I worked it was like this. I took the post about the population
of Anuire in Digest 181 (yes it's a while back). This post assigned an
average population to a province of a given size and then counted all
those provinces in Anuire. It arrived at a figure of 2623000 for the
population of Anuire. I repeated this for Khinasi to come to a figure of
1562000 for the Khinasi population.
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