I just wanted to say "Ya hit it right on the bull's eye" to Tim for his
excellent message about the possible shut down of Birthright by the
Wizards/TSR folks. I've had some concerned thoughts in the past about the
possibility of the Birthright campaign being cancelled and it appears (unless
Ed or someone else proves us wrong) that it just may go by the wayside. If it
does happen, all I can say is "someone in marketing made a good blunder" and
"we'll go right on playing Birthright without em." I think we as gamers all
too oftern get caught up in the acquisition of "neat new materials" and lose
sight of the fact that the worlds in which we game, are simply a product of
our own imaginations. We don't really need the TSR folks. They've given us a
great world to do with as we wish and as long as we keep it alive it always be
one of the best RPGs ever created by TSR. Yea, I'll miss the book of regency
and book of guilders (if they ever really we're created) and I would have
enjoyed to see what ideas Ed and the folks had for the shadow world. But the
truth of the matter is we can build those things. It'll take a bit more time
and maybe won't be a slick but it will still be Birthright.

I guess what really bothers me about the whole "go-no-go thing" has been the
false anticipation and lingering doubt. I don't think it's been Ed's fault or
anyone else that helped to create Birthright. I'm sure they have a great deal
invested and would love to see things continue on. What I'd really like to
see (or read) is someone from TSR getting the courage to just say yes or no.
At least that would end the wait and cut the cord (so to speak).

Well enough ranting.

Bryan Palmer
Arizona State University