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Thread: Custom Aberynis

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    Caleb Chitwood

    Custom Aberynis

    Well, I never started hacking away at the shoreline or digging rivers...
    but the island off the Southeastern shore of Arenwe has been colonized by
    some of my PCs ( I don't know if there is some BR expansion or what-not that
    deals w/ this island, if there is, I don't want to hear about it *grin*) If
    you'd like to hear more about it, I could answer questions concerning the
    new nation off of the mailing list.


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    James Ray

    Custom Aberynis

    Might as well - no new stuff for more than a year, eh? I wonder if any of
    us will be able to fit THEIR visions into what we each have going in a year
    or so...

    - ----------
    > I'm just curious if anyone has altered the official version of Aberynis
    > for their own campaign?

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    Morgramen the Magician

    Custom Aberynis

    I'm just curious if anyone has altered the official version of Aberynis
    for their own campaign? There are several geographical areas which I
    sometimes, very nearly, almost, but never quite manage to convince
    myself, to change. There's always a little voice in my head (maybe
    it's the immortality taking it's toll on me...) that says "No, don't do
    it! Keep it official!"
    Anyway, I am just curious to see if anyone has 'cut the shoreline
    here, and added a kingdom there'. If you have, I would appreciate some
    I have always thought that the Brechts should have a more direct
    line of shipping with the more 'civilized south', and have never really
    liked the 'look' of the western shore of the Krakennauricht. (Just my
    humble opinion...)
    Am I the only 'heretic' who secretly harbours a desire to rework the
    Br map?

    ***ducks behind a wagon in anticipation of flying fruit & rotten


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