>I oppose
>this point of view, I say that elven wizards can match human priests and
>wizards/magicians combined.

Ok, this is not a flame for the author of this questionable statement, but
for a wide assortment of BR fans:

Where do all you elf-lovers get off thinking the elves stand a chance in
hell of re-taking their ancestral lands? I've read a lot of BR material
just like you all, and I just don't see it coming. They don't breed fast
enough to populate such a vast area or fight such a long war. Period.

The best they can do is be a sideshow until a new Emperor is found in
Anuire, or another human realm (Kninasi?) gets its act together and becomes
the dominating force on the Continent again. Or, to put it simply:
"Cerilia is a broad, rich continent home to dozens of races, but humans are
BY FAR the dominant race"(emphasis added)(Atlas of Cerilia, p. 12).

And no, the elven wizards could not stand up to the human clerics alone,
let alone the human clerics AND wizards!. There are just too many clerics.

- -Clay