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    Samuel Weiss

    The Future of the Campaign - a

    >I've also seen the end of Al-Qadim, of course due to "profitability" and
    "lack of interest". <

    It was my impression Al-Qadim was planned as a limited release for only a
    year or two and that it was actually extended because of fan support.
    Although the drop in quality at the end shows that further extensions would
    not have been a good idea.
    Actually, when BR came out, I thought the plan for it was the same as for
    Al-Qadim. Other than all five regional sourcebooks, I never expected to see
    much more for the setting. I would love to see the Book of Regency, and a
    Book of Guilds, but if not, I will be very happy with what has been
    No, I want more, I want it all!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for that outburst, i will be good for the rest of the post.

    >I guess that means we get to keep it alive until the corporate copyright
    wears out and start releasing stuff on public domain ourselves, right?
    Either that, or some dedicated fans will get together and try to buy the
    system from WotC/TSR. Never happened to TSR that I was aware of, but who

    How about you form a fan club of some sort like the GHers did and whine at
    TSR?WoTC until they revive it? I think that might work.

    >Finally, I'll still keep playing Birthright.<

    As did the GHers.

    >It's too bad the game got pushed as "a tactical war game with role-playing"
    - - @!%!$@!% - sigh. Whoever wrote that should have taken a half a minute to
    look at the other tactical war games out there and realize that their war
    cards couldn't even hope to match.<

    How much can you agree with a statement? Me too? Me three billion? This was
    the biggest flaw in BR from the start. And the only one really relevant to
    Oh well. maybe that will be the first thing corrected if the setting is ever


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    Tim Nutting

    The Future of the Campaign - a

    Or maybe I'm just whining too much... hehehe.... ;)

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