After all this posting about certain regents being non-blooded, I just had
a thought occur to me. Who's to say that throughout the history of Aebynis
that there have ever been any non-blooded rulers?

Now, before the flames hit, I'd like everyone to consider that one of the
strident elements in each nation today (Cerilian) is that priests usually
officially recognize their given liege in the name of their chosen deity.
Now, the presented material only really covers Cerilia in which every ruler
is blooded.

I have often considered that the favor of a god in this game could be shown
by endowing a mortal with a touch of its power, thus giving that character
a "bloodline", yet this would not be passed from parent to progeny, and
overmore, it would require a priest of a given god to oversee this
miraculous event.

The elves are covered simply by the "Land's Choice" in BoP, after all, in
Tuarhievel it has long been custom that the prospective regent must sit on
the Thorn Throne to be recognized, and the Throne will only accept the
regent the land wants.

"But the elves never worshipped gods..."

Very true, however they nearly worship the land about them, and if the land
is going to choose its new ruler, then why would it not be able to spawn a
mystical connection between itself and its chosen being?