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    Gary V. Foss

    Regarding Magic (fwd)

    Bryan Palmer wrote:

    > Yea Jonathan, that was my first reaction also. But the PC countered by
    > saying "well if I can't get to the actual tomes of magic, I want to lay
    > my hands on every piece of literature that somehow might help me to
    > research more magical spells." I guess a better way to put it is the PC
    > is walking up to the folks at the CoS/Heralds College and saying "Hey,
    > would you allow either myself or some of my associates to come on into
    > your archives and copy everything that we possibly can? It doesn't have
    > to me magical in nature (although I'd sure like to have that too)."
    > Now the PC is trying to be inventive (in a money-motivated sort of way)
    > and he's basically trying to overcome some of the obstacles that I've
    > placed in his way for the acquisition of magic. So I can't fault him on
    > his efforts. However, I don't really believe that the people in the CoS
    > and Heralds College are just going to open their doors and yell "Sure
    > enough, come on down!" no matter how much money the guy lays down.

    Well, you're right. Especially, if he puts it that way.... It would make more
    sense if he "bought" his information by putting it in a more politic manner.
    You know, the way it happens in RL at universities and colleges.....

    "Oh, I'd love to endow a chair or subsidize a research project. Does ten gold
    bars sound like enough? By the way, I'd love to have a look at some of the
    facilities here. Isn't that the library?"

    - -Gary

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    Caleb Chitwood

    Regarding Magic (fwd)

    I'm kinda coming in on the end of this thread but I had an idea that might
    be of a little help as and far as I can see it hasn't been broached yet.
    Perhaps the CoS/Heralds College would allow this PC to do as he wishes if
    they somehow felt indebted to him. You could use this as a springboard for
    an adventure (I imagine you've probably already thought of somethig along
    those lines). Another idea that I had, is that they might allow him to copy
    such materials if he in turn gave them knowledge back. Just for the sake of
    example, say they have a policy that a magic user can copy 1 level of spells
    for every 2 levels spells he donates. In this situation, the PC would be
    limited to how much magic he could acquire, the institution would benefit
    the most.. so forth and so on... However, I don't think that donating a
    magic missle or light spell would count for very much, it would probably
    have to be an original spell or one that the PC has found elsewhere and the
    institution does not have a copy of. Hope this helps a little


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