Thanks for the comments regarding the PC wizard acquiring magic from the
CoS and the Heralds College. I think I need to clarify one thing. The
PC doesn't want to enroll in the college (s). He just wants to either
visit them himself or better yet, send a pack of scribes (that he wants
to hire from the PC guilder) to copy everything they can get their hands
on. He's not really interested in matriculating into either program and
his level (6th) is far too high for either to accept him into their

My concern is primarily for creating a baseline idea of how difficult
(in terms of money, time, and influence) it would be to even try what he
has in mind. Personally, I think it would be just about impossible but
he and various other PCs in my game have the belief that money can get
you anything (I wonder where that concept came from!?). Unfortunately,
since I have made magic so difficult to acquire it has somewhat
frustrated this player and I'm a bit concerned that if I don't give him
some "scraps from the table" he'll pack up shop and literally go home.
So I thought it would be best to speak to my fellow DMs first and get a
general idea of how they might handle the situation, especially in terms
of money charged or even the availability of this type of action.

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