Does anyone have a good .gif or .jpg of a forested area? I would like a
fairly light colored one for my webpage (a PBeM not to be starting for a
month, at least).

If you have one but it is dark (ie black text is hard to see on it) I
can make it lighter if you get it to me before 7:15 AM EST. If not,
maybee I could ask a favor of someone on the list to use a good
Paintbrush program (paintbrush really sucks. I basically made a
Paintbrush program on TrueBasic, and haven't been programming for even
50 days) to lighten it up?

Thanks a lot.

BTW-Has any Warcraft Veteran played Starcraft? Reactions?
BTW-I am going to see if I can get a blood abilities-force powers
conversion thing fro Jedi Knight. Perhaps new weapons too.