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>It's the "restrictions" as much as the "advantages" relative to the Core
>that gives BR its flavor. The Core rules aren't the greatest, there are much
>better RPG systems out there. They're old. I don't say "I play D&D." I say
>"I play Birthright." While the hobby owes much to D&D (and equally as much
>the all-but-forgotten Empire of the Petal Throne) RPG systems have evolved
>beyond D&D in the past 25 years. Gawd!- I'm becoming ancient! Let's see,
>-2 to my strength....

I have to agree with you on this one, too. In fact, I'm developing a system
on which to move the Birthright rules and setting on top of. I'm currently
working on a Fuzion base and drawing on a number of ideas I've found
throughout the internet mixed with a healthy dose of my own. For those of you
curious about it, I've been looking at Mark Chase's Atomik Magic for Fuzion
system, and it looks like this system would make the easiest transition for my
players. I'll probably post various magic system conversions, and blood power
conversions on my website.

After all, since I'm no longer relying on TSR to support the product I like
anymore, why should I use that clunky old AD&D? Besides, it's not like TSR
will miss my business (they won't--I've fallen for their Alternity system,

- -DKE