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12. Wash, rinse....and REPEAT. News of the goblin sucess triggers
inflows of new recruits from all over Cerilia! The Horde begins to build
again.... By this time the PCs will be building the Great Wall of China to
keep the horde out. War Colleges will spring up in the capital city....
Armorers Guilds, Armories will be in full production. Monuments to fallen
units....and heroes will go up. They will be watching their back against
untrustworthy allies...etc. etc. Most of all... do not bring it weak! This
can be a conflict of legends that will have your PCs saying remember when....
The WarHost of Thurazor... They will grumble all the way.... but if you
build it slow and gain steam as you go along... the hair will stand up on the
backs of their necks when the intelligence reports come in....(mix fact with
fiction)... and list for the exclamations of WHAT? HOW MANY?....and YOU Have
got to be kidding me!!
Sorry this was so long. Just my 2 cents :) No yoyu are not in a bad
position.... The rise of the famed Host of the Goblins awaits. This kind of
gritty campain is what the legends are made of...you have the perfect

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This is great, great, great.

This is the type of thing TSR should publish. More story/campaign ideas less gadgets.