In the game that I currently DM, the main controlling regent has various other
PC regents working as his lieutenants\mercenaries\confidants. On of those PCs
is a wizard. I have made the acquisition of magic to be an exremely difficult
effort for him and alll other characters and now he has decided to go to the
Imperial City and buy his way (with the main regent's money) into the college
of Sorcery and royal Heralds College (a great addition to my game). I'd like
some suggestions from you folks as to the difficulty and cost of such
endeavors. His letter made it sound as if he expected to simply walk in each
location (as if at Macy's) and buy or copy things off of the racks. Indeed
when I firt received the PC's letter (he lives in Austin and I'm in Phoenix) I
had my doubts about even letting him into those establishment, let alone
trying to convince the owners to let him transcribe their materials. I'm
particulary interested to know what the magic group for the Imperial City
project thinks of this, since I'm sure it will most assuridly be an issue for
anyone using the Imperial City materials.

Bryan Palmer
Arizona State University