Mebhaighl Flight (Alteration)
Level: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour/level
Casting Time: 3
Components: V, S, M
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

The creator of this spell is unknown, although it is believed to have
been one of the an Anuirean wizard from before the destruction
of the old College of Sorcery. A copy of this spell was recently
discovered by a group of adventurers who were investigating the old
tower ruins. The have spoken little of what they discovered in the
ruins, but have said that the scroll they found the spell on was
well guarded, although by what they would not disclose.

The actual spell requires the wizard to have a source in the province it
is cast in. The wizard does not have to be near the source,
but he must be familiar with the Mebhaighl of that province. Once cast
it allows the wizard to convert himself into a form of energy
resembling Mebhaighl itself and then he is able to flow across the land
at the rate of about one province each hour. He does not
have to control sources or ley lines in the provinces he moves into
however, just the province where the spell is cast.
While he is in this form the wizard is impervious to any attack, and can
not be tracked or located, even by magic. The wizard can
also end the spell at any time and return to his normal form.
The spell has a couple of restrictions. One is that it only last for a
hour a level so the wizard only has a limited range he can
transport himself. The spell also can not cross large bodies of waters
like seas or lakes, but it can cross smaller rivers.

The material components of this spell are an eagles feather, and a vial
of water from the province the wizard wants to cast the spell
in. A stream or lake can also work just as well as this component. The
feather must be dipped in the water and then tucked under the
wizards tongue as part of the spell.

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Ian Hoskins

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