As a side-note to this thread, I once made a Wizard with expanded weapon
use, ability to wear armor, a couple of weird hindrances, and access to all
schools LOL by delaying that access until higher level. Just like the
ancient Ninja's, who allegedly practiced pulling bows before ever getting
to fire arrows, these wizards dont get to cast spells for a couple of
levels. Im very fond of Spells and Magic, though, particularly being able
to give Priests access to Wizard schools of magic.
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> >>The way they present it in the article, a specialist mage
> >gets his 6 schools, saving throw bonuses, bonus spells, etc. and 30
> >to buy special abilities on top of this, whereas a non-specialized mage
> >40 points and has to buy his schools of magic (at 5 points per school).<
> >