Hello everyone. i have seen some really cool magical items on this list,
and thought i should post a cool one that one of my players created. It's
called the staff of pain :)

comments and the like welcome :)

- -Erik
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Quarterstaff of Pain: This staff appears to be a normal quarterstaff +1,
decorated with dark iron and evil-looking runes thruought its length. It
functions as a normal staff in combat, but if the cleric weilding it
touches it gently to his opponent and says the command word, the stave's
runes begin to glow firey blue, and the staff creates a violent,
body-wretching pain throughout the victim, originating from the location
where the stave touches the skin. This effect will cause most creatures
drop to the ground and curl up, or attempt to jump back or away. It
disrupts the concentration of magic-users casting of spells. The staff
must touch the creature's body for this power to work properly, pain
be inflicted through armor, except natural armor such as fur or scales.
addition to its normal power, the staff radiates a painful aura.
within 10' of the stave will feel uncomfortable, within 2' will
a pronounced stinging sensation, and inside 1' will feel pain on the skin
similar to that inflicted by blows with a whip or flail, but will not be
hindered from movement. The weilder of this staff, when using the power,
is subjected to pain similar to that experienced by creatures within 1'.
No permanent damage is ever caused by the staff's powers, but opponents
black out or fall unconscious if they are torchered long enough.
The staff's powers can be activated 5 times per day and last for 2d4
rounds, or until the weilder wills the powers to cease. The staff CAN be
activated more often than this limit, but the weilder begins to
the staff's pain constantly. After 10 activations, no man-sized creature
will be able to posses the staff and be coherent, until the next day.
The staff's powers cannot be used on an attack swing. If they are
activated and the staff is swung to attack, the powers are considered
willed to cease. The staff feeds on the pain generaed by its victims,
becomes more powerful due to this. It receives a +1 attack and damage
bonus for every 2 times the powers are invoked and used against a victim,
up to a maximum of +6. (Of course, by the time the staff is activated
many times, the weilder will be in a great deal of pain and will start to
be penalized when using the weapon.) The bonus is subtracted 1 point for
every 6 hours of disuse, down to the base +1.
This staff is cursed; if the possessor gets outside of 100' from the
staff's location, he gradually begins to experience the pain the the
inflicts. Within 1d10 rounds he is completely engulfed in unbearable
and will most likely suicide or black out, unless returned to the
of the staff.

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