At 10:39 PM 6/19/98 -0400, Samwise wrote:
>>The way they present it in the article, a specialist mage
>gets his 6 schools, saving throw bonuses, bonus spells, etc. and 30 points
>to buy special abilities on top of this, whereas a non-specialized mage gets
>40 points and has to buy his schools of magic (at 5 points per school).<
>Well they don't. If that is how it reads, and I am not looking at ir right
>now, it plain shouldn't. Just as for the priest variants, all such
>"standard" classes, basic variants included, are complete as presented, and
>any additional abilities must be paid for with limitations or x.p.
>penalties. Don't let any player convince you otherwise, no matter how the
>text may seem to read.
I know they aren't supposed to be that way. I have got the fixed version in
Spells and Magic. However the article suggests the above screwed up method,
which is why I felt that it was not very good. Gamers would be better off
buying the two players options books and using those directly rather than
using that article as a filter.

Pieter A de Jong
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