- -Gary Wrote
>>I do kind of like the idea of ability scores being an influence upon
collecting regency. How about if there were bonuses to "Regent Power"
(the combination of factors that are added up and determine the amount
of regency a character can collect) based upon high ability scores?
We could use the ones already established. The accuracy bonus of
dexterity for thieves, the wisdom bonus for priests, # of
proficiencies for wizards....
Let's say, for instance, that Larra Nieles, prelate of the Northern
Reformed Church of Sarimie (FA; Pr8, Sarimie; Br, major, 32; NE) has a
16 wisdom. Her Regency Power would be level+ability score
bonus+bloodline score or 8+2+32B. She could collect up to 42
RPs/domain turn.