Here is another of the new spells I have been designing, which I have
finally had time to write up.

Mebhaighl Strike

Mebhaighl Strike (Evocation)
Level: 4
Range: 40 yards + 10 yards/level
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 4
Components: V, S, M
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: 1/2

This is another of the recent spells designed by the wizard Caine of
Endier. He created it to assist in protecting his sources from attack
after the destruction of one of his holdings. It is in its most basic
form an altered version of the lightning bolt spell, however it may only
be cast in a location where there is enough Mebhaighl to power it.
Although not a realm spell this spell does require the wizard to be
within a hundred yards of a source, which does not have to be his own,
to cast. Of course if it is the wizards own source then he will know
where it is, instead of having to search for it.

There are two version of this spell that can be cast. The first is
similar to a lightning bolt spell except that it allows multiple
lightning bolts to be cast, the number depending on the size of the
magical potential of a province. If the spell is cast in a province with
no magical potential (e.g. a 5/0 province) then it will not function. In
other provinces it allows one lightning bolt for each point of magical
potential. So a 4/3 province will allow a wizard casting this spell to
create 3 lightning bolts. If the source the wizard is near is controlled
by him then the number of lightning bolts doubles. So in the example
above the wizard using his own source could create 6 lightning bolts.
These bolts are similar in all ways to a normal lightning bolt and do
1d6 points of damage per level of the caster (Maximum of 10d6). The can
be directed by the wizard who creates them and can even shoot out in all
directions to defeat opponents who may have encircled the caster.

The second version of this spell acts similar to the first, except it
can be set and left to destroy anyone who comes within range of the
source. This can only be cast on the wizards own source, and has a
casting time of 1 day. The spell can be set to attack only intelligent
beings, or only those who come within a certain distance from the
sources. Its trigger can only be one thing though so it is not possible
to set it to attack all intelligent beings who come within range of the
spell, only one or the other.
Its effects however are exactly the same as the first version, except
all its power will be focused on whatever set off the spells trigger. It
is however at best a very haphazard form of protection as almost
anything could set the spell off, even those who may be completely
innocent and have no intention of harming the source.

The material components for the first version of the spell is a sliver
of quartz and a single leaf or chunk of rock from the sources location.
Both are consumed when the spell is cast. For the second version a
large, specially prepared chunk of quartz is needed. This item must be
polished and cut in a certain way, then sprinkled with rare herbs and
diamond dust. The whole process will cost at least 1000 gp. At the
completion of the casting the crystal must be place on, near, or in the
direct manifestation of the source (see pg. 16 of Book of Magecraft).
When the spell discharges the crystal shatters.

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