Mebhaighl Cloak

Mebhaighl Cloak (Alteration, Illusion/Phantasm)
Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn/level
Casting Time: 2
Components: V, M
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

A relatively modern spell, it was created by the wizard Caine as a way
of avoiding the Spiders minions while in the Spiderfell. With it he has
been able to walk in the Spiderfell, and every other province where he
has a source, completely undetected. So far Caine has not passed this
spell on to anyone else, as he likes the advantage it gives him when he
walking in enemy lands.

The spell allows the wizard to become so in tune with the natural
environment of a province that he can walk undetected. In effect he
becomes part of the natural environment itself. If he stands still then
he will appear as a rock, or tree, while if he moves he might appear as
a rabbit or some other small animal. The wizard however always retains
his form, it is only the senses of those who might seek him that are
effected. Magical means to find the wizard will fail, and only a dispel
realm magic spell will deactivate the wizards cloak.
This spell does require a great knowledge of the province that the
wizard is in, and will not work in civilised areas where the flow of
Mebhaighl is not strong. Because of both of these reasons the wizard
requires at least a level 1 source in the province. The source is not
used to power the spell as this is not a realm spell, but it represents
the wizard familiarity with the province and its acceptance of his
presence. This must be an actual physical source too, not just a ley
line, which means that some provinces this spell would never function
in, those where the mebhaighl has been destroyed for some reason, or the
population is too high.

The actual effects of the spell work similar to invisibility in that the
wizard can not be seen, however this spell also cloaks any noises he
makes, tracks he leave behind, and anything else that might alert a
searcher to his location. If a wizard using this spell chooses to attack
an opponent then he becomes visible as with invisibility, however after
he has finished attacking all he has to do is stand still for one round
and the spell resumes its effects.
This spell works best in wilderness areas, and will not function in
cities or other settlement, even farmland it is not as effective. In a
province with a low level of population (0-3) the wizard should be able
to move almost anywhere, with the exception of towns and villages and
the spell will continue to work effectively. It does not actually fail
inside a town, but a wild rabbit or fox looks out of place in a town and
people may decide to eat it. As the population level climbs the wizard
will find it more and more difficult to find wilderness to travel
though, so the spell will not work as well as it could.

The material components of this spell are the wizards source, although
he does not have to be near it when the spell is cast, and a small piece
of moss or other vegetation for the province. The wizard must eat this
vegetation to complete the spell and become one with nature.

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Ian Hoskins

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