At 12:40 PM 6/19/98 +0800, Warlock wrote:
>I have just picked up the issue of Dragon which includes skills and powers
>rules for cerilia. I thought some of it was quite useful. What's ya'all
>opinion on this newest addition to Abyernis ? !
I personally thought that it was not very good. Why? the character classes
were mostly rehashes of the material presented in the skills and powers
book, although the racial material was reasonable. The major thing that
annoyed me was that they had not corrected the characters points for
specialist wizards as they did in the Spells and Magic book, which has been
out for a while. The way they present it in the article, a specialist mage
gets his 6 schools, saving throw bonuses, bonus spells, etc. and 30 points
to buy special abilities on top of this, whereas a non-specialized mage gets
40 points and has to buy his schools of magic (at 5 points per school).

Pieter A de Jong
Graduate Mechanical Engineering Student
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada