I've been watching the talk about how priests of moradin are overpowered,
and like i have been trying to work out, as in compared to what ? I just
don't get it. Paladins of Avani for jeepers sake get like magic resistance,
and the stormlord's get specialization ! As to priests, most if not all have
at least 3 special powers, , and laerme gets 7 ! As to number of spheres,
there really isn't any great disparity when you look at them all. Especially
when taken into account that the dwarves have only a single diety, and the
humans at large have 11 !

Of course, if you bother to look at faiths and avatars, moradin's priests
come off as total wusses compared to some ! Also, remember that Moradin is a
Greater Diety, the High Lord God of the dwarven pantheon, and does deserve
some sort of benefit for such an exaulted position.

Anyway, thats my 2cents worth.