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    Expanded Random Events Table

    Expanded Random Events Table

    This document takes the original random events table from page 40 of the
    Birthright rulebook and expands it, adding a large number of different
    events and effects. See below for the descriptions of each event.

    Table1: Random Events

    1d100 Roll Event 1d100 RollEvent

    01 Blood Challenge 45 Shipwreck
    02-05 Ambassador 46-50 Minor Natural
    06-08 Crime Wave 51 Intrigue
    09-10 Spy Discovered 52-53 Assassination
    11 Minor Magical Event 54 Important Kidnapping
    12-14 Corruption 55-60 Minor Raid
    15 Major Natural Disaster 61-67 Bumper Crops
    16-20 Festival 68 Major Magical Event
    21 Major Raid 69-70 Accident
    22-23 Rioting/Unrest 71-73 Important Wedding
    24 Diplomatic Incident 74 Rebellion
    25 Invention 75 God Trouble
    26-27 Murder/Assassination 76-78 Refugees
    28 Religious Unrest 79-81 Supernatural Event
    29-30 Tournament 82-84 Treason
    31 Noble/Important Birth 84-86 Feud
    32-34 Trade Matter 87-89 Disease/Plague
    35-36 Great Captain 90 Astronomical Event
    37-38 Matter of Justice 91-94 Imperial Event
    39-41 Pest Infestation 95 Cataclysmic Natural
    42-43 Important Death 96-99 Labour Dispute
    44 Theft 00 DM's Choice

    Event Descriptions

    1: Blood Challenge.

    This is as described in the rulebook (pg. 40)

    2: Ambassador.

    Another realm has sent an ambassador to speak with the PC regent on
    of importance. The ambassador wishes to speak with the regent as once.
    the PC does not meet with the ambassador then it will likely result in
    trouble for the regent with the nation the ambassador comes from. The
    ambassador could have been sent for any number of reason such as
    an alliance, demanding concessions, or just to ask for permission to
    troops through the PCs territory.
    This could also be a permanent ambassador arriving from a NPC nation.
    new ambassador will of course want a place to stay, and unlimited access
    the PC regent to press his realms demands.

    3: Crime Wave.

    A much large number of crimes than usual are being reported. These could
    the result of general lawlessness in the province, a new thieves guild,
    even a serial killer. If the regent does nothing about the problem then
    may result in an loss of loyalty in the province.

    4: Spy Discovered.

    A spy has been discovered inside the regent's household. A minor
    servant has been sending important information to one of the PCs
    It may only be the one servant, or an entire ring of enemies spies may
    been set up inside the regents household.
    This event can also be used if one of the PCs spies has been discovered
    another nation. Either way it could lead to a diplomatic incident.

    5: Minor Magical Event.

    This covers visits by a wizard or famous magician to the PCs lands.
    the wizard is seeking employment in the PCs court of he may be a regent
    seeking to expand his source holdings into the PCs realm. If a magician
    then he may be a popular illusionists or even a major oracle who was
    to seek either the PCs patronage or may be just passing through.
    This event could also mean that an enemy wizard has begun an expansion
    the PCs realm. Perhaps a new source holding has been created in one of
    PCs provinces.

    6: Corruption.

    A member of the PCs court, or treasury staff has either embezzled, or
    stolen outright a chunk of the treasury. The regent tax collection is
    by 1d3 GB each turn until the culprit is discovered. Unless dealt with
    quickly and quietly it could also lead to a loss of loyalty.

    7: Major Natural Disaster.

    This event covers all major natural disasters, including such things as
    flooding, forest fires, earthquakes, famine, etc. The disaster strikes
    entire province, reducing its income by 1d6 GB for the turn. A relief
    effort, costing 1d3 GB is also required or the effected province will
    one population level from deaths.

    8: Festival.

    A major festival is being conducted where the regents presence is
    This may be an annual event, or a special celebration held to honour the
    regent or a particular god. Although not as important as a noble wedding
    funeral, the regent is expected to attend and will suffer a loss of
    if he doesn't turn up, or spend at least 1d3 GB on arrangements.

    9: Major Raid.

    A large force of bandits or enemy troops has raided one of the regents
    provinces, stealing 1d6 GB from the regents holdings. This may be the
    beginning of a military campaign by a NPC nation, or just a one off
    Either way the regent is forced to take action either to punish the
    or to give a show of strength or he will suffer a major loss of regency
    the end of the turn. It is also possible that the raiding will continue
    until the PC takes actions, with similar effects each season.

    10: Rioting/Unrest.

    An agitator in one of the regents major town or cites has stirred up
    trouble and started a series of riots against the regent. Will not as
    serious as a rebellion it may grow into a full scale rebellion if the
    regent lets it drag on for too long. The rioting results in a drop in
    loyalty by one grade at the end of the turn, unless the regent takes

    11: Diplomatic Incident.

    Something the regent, or one of his lieutenants has done has offended
    of the PCs neighbors. That nation is now demanded an apology,
    or land to settle the issue. The diplomatic incident may have been
    by an accidental crossing of the border by the PCs troops, a badly
    speech, an intrigue action by a third regent, or may just be an excuse
    the NPC nation to declare war. If the PCs takes ignores the incident
    he suffers a minor loss of regency in the adjustment phase.

    12: Invention.

    Someone in the PCs lands has completed a new invention, spell, etc. The
    effects of this could vary from no effect at all to a possible new
    being formed. The DM can use this event to introduce anything new that
    to be added to the campaign.

    13: Murder/Assassination.

    An important official or lieutenant working for the PC has been either
    murdered or assassinated. If the regent does not take action to find the
    killer then he suffers a major loss of regency, and a drop of loyalty in
    the province in the murder occurred.

    14: Religious Unrest.

    Again this covers a wide range of things. A local temple may be
    to drive out all other religions with a campaign of harassment, or a new
    religion may have been formed. If the PC is a temple regent then this is
    important occurrence and he must respond or suffer a loss of regency. If
    however he is a province (or other holding) ruler then it may not be of
    great importance and he may not even need to do anything. The required
    response is left up to the DM.

    15: Tournament.

    The regent has been invited to a tournament in another lands, and has
    either been asked to personally compete, or send a champion to represent
    his nation. He suffers no consequences if he decline the offer, but as
    other regents from the region are likely to be present it is a good
    opportunity for diplomacy.
    It the PC chooses to attend then he will need to spend a character
    If he chooses to compete personally then the DM can create some
    to battle. A tournament is not usually deadly, but assassins could be
    lurking around, or an accident could occur.

    16: Noble/Important Birth.

    A major noble family, or other important family in the PCs domain has
    recently been blessed with a birth. The PCs has been invited to attend a
    celebration in honour of the new child and is expected to come. The
    must spent 1d6 GB for gifts and arrangements. If he does not attend, or
    the very least send a lieutenant with gifts then he will offend the
    family. This brings no immediate trouble, but may in the future. If the
    is a priest regent then he may be asked to conduct the naming ceremony
    something similar. If the PC priest refuses then he will suffer a major
    loss of regency.

    17: Trade Matter.

    This covers all matters of trade that effect the PCs domain. Perhaps a
    trade route has been opened to the PCs kingdom, or an old one closed
    If the PC is a thief regent then this indicates a major event, effecting
    one of his trade routes. Roll 1d6 and on a roll of 1-5 reduce the income
    the trade route by 1d6 GB, while on a roll of 6, increase the income for
    this turn by 1d3 GB. Failure to respond to this event by a thief regent
    causes a major loss of regency during the adjustment phase of every turn
    the event is ignore, or even the closure of the trade route all

    18: Great Captain/Heresy.

    This is the same as the event described in the rulebook (pg. 43).

    19: Matter of Justice.

    This is as described in the rulebook (pg. 43).

    20: Pest Infestation.

    A plague of rats, locusts or other pests has infested one of the PCs
    provinces eating everything in sight. The tax collection of that
    will be reduced by 1d4 GB until the problem is dealt with. It is up to
    PC to come up with a good way of dealing with the pests. If he is
    successful with the first turn of the infestation then the loyalty of
    effected province will rise by one grade. If however it is left unfixed
    more than two turns then the PC suffers a minor loss of regency and the
    loyalty of the province decreases by one grade. The same effects will
    even turn following the second.

    21: Important Death.

    A powerful lord, important merchants, etc in the RPs kingdom, or domain,
    has died and the PC is expected to attend the funeral, and also bring
    GB in gifts for the grieving relatives. Depending on the importance of
    person a state funeral may also be called for. Failure to respond to
    results in a minor loss of regency, and the PC has offended the dead
    persons family.

    22: Theft.

    This does not cover minor theft, but rather something major. Something
    important to the PC has been stolen, perhaps a magical items or piece of
    jewelry. If the PC does not respond then nothing occurs, he does not get
    the item back either.
    If the item stolen was the crown jewels (or similar) of the PCs kingdom
    then he must respond and recover the items or suffer a major loss of
    regency due to the loss of the symbols of his rule. Other effects could
    also come into play here as well depending on exactly how important the
    item was.

    23: Shipwreck.

    If the PC owns any ships then one of them has been involved in a
    roll 1d4. On a roll of 1-3 then the ship has been swept against the
    and destroyed total, with the loss of 25-50% of the sailors, or troops
    were on board at the time. If a 4 is rolled then Nesirie has been
    and the ship has only run aground on a sand bar and requires only 1d2 GB
    for repairs.
    If the ship involved in the shipwreck was one on a trade route at the
    then the trade routes income will be reduced for this turn by the amount
    the ship would have carried. It will return to normal next turn,
    the PC can send another ship on the route.

    24: Minor Natural Disaster.

    A minor natural disaster such as a blizzard, landslide, or minor
    has hit one of the PCs provinces. Tax collection has been reduced by 1
    and any road, bridge, or castle construction has been halted for this
    due to the problem. The problem will usually correct itself
    by the end of the turn.

    25: Intrigue.

    The description in the rulebook (pg. 42) covers this event.

    26: Assassination Attempt.

    The description in the rulebook (pg. 40) covers this event.

    27: Important Kidnapping.

    A lieutenant, vassal, or important official of the PCs realm has been
    kidnapped and a ransom is being demanded. The ransom may be as small as
    few GBs or the kidnappers may be demanding a holding or province be
    over. If the PC fails to respond at all then he suffers a major loss of
    regency and the victim is killed. If he gives in to the kidnappers
    or the victim dies in a rescue attempt then he suffers a minor loss of
    regency. If however he is successful and personally rescues the
    lieutenant then he has a minor gain of regency (+1 bloodline pt, +25%

    28: Minor Raid.

    A small collection of bandits or monsters has raided a single province
    the PCs kingdom (or holding if he controls no provinces). The problem
    usually only be short term, but if the PC ignores it then he suffers a
    minor loss of regency due to his inaction. It is also possible that the
    minor problem may grow into a major raid if the PC takes no action as
    raiders or monsters grow less cautious.

    29: Bumper Crops.

    Good condition in the kingdoms farms has led to an increase in tax
    collection (for province rulers), guild income, and temple collection
    grateful farmers) of 1d6 GB for the affected province.

    30: Major Magical Event.

    This covers a wide range of happenings, including duels between wizards
    the like. If the PC is a source regent then this indicates the discovery
    a new ley-line that has been forged by an enemy regent, or an attempt by
    another wizard to claim the PCs holdings. Ignoring this event causes a
    major loss of regency for PC wizards.

    31: Accident.

    Again this covers many different things and can be used for bridge
    collapses, landslides destroying areas of a road or even the deaths of
    army unit in a barracks fire or something like that. The lasting effects
    this event depend on what the accident was. A collapse of a castle wall
    would lead to the reduction of the level of that castle, and a destroyed
    bridge must be rebuilt.
    It is also possible that the accident was the results of sabotage by
    agents. That is up to the DM though.

    32: Important Wedding.

    This action is similar to the Important Death event. A wedding in a
    family, or other important family is to be conducted and the PC has been
    asked to attend. Gifts of 1d4 GB are expected. If the PC is a priest
    then he will have been asked to perform the ceremony and arrangements
    cost 1d3 GB. Failure by the PC priest to do this will lead to a major
    of regency. Other regents will simply offend the noble family if they do
    not accept the invitation.

    33: Rebellion.

    Use the description in the rulebook (pg. 42/43) for this event.

    34: God Trouble.

    One of the Gods is causing trouble in the PCs domain. Perhaps the PC has
    offended the God in someway, or the maybe an avatar of the God has
    to spread the word. If the PC is a priest regent and he fails to respond
    this action then his temple in the province automatically loses 1 level
    level destroyed), and he suffers a major loss of regency. These effects
    continue until the PC takes action to set things right. If the trouble
    actually a visitation by the PCs god then the temple will gain 1 level
    (reducing other temples if necessary), if the PC can show he is in the
    Other regents suffer a minor loss of regency if they fail to respond to
    this event.

    35: Refugees.

    A war in another nation has led to a flood of refugees into the PCs
    kingdom, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1-3 the refugees are just passing
    the PCs kingdom and will require 1d3 GB in food and supplies. The PC
    a minor loss of regency if he fails to provide the supplies. On a roll
    4-5 the refugees with to remain in the PCs domain until the trouble in
    their homeland has died down. In this case it will cost 1d2 GB a turn
    the PC to keep them supplied with food etc. If he chooses not to help
    and sends them on their way then he suffers a minor loss of regency. On
    roll of 6 the refugees want to settle in the PCs kingdom, and any rule
    action that turn will be automatically successful.
    NOTE: The losses of regency only occur if the refugees are of the same
    ethnic group as the majority of the PCs citizens. There is no loss if
    refugees travel to Brecht lands.

    36: Supernatural Event.

    Undead from the Shadow World are rampaging across the PCs lands. They
    have either been summoned by an evil priest, or it may be a natural
    occurrence. If the PC allows this to continue then he suffers a major
    of regency each turn until the problem is solved. If the PC is
    for the problem and this is discovered then he suffers a major loss of
    regency, and a drop in loyalty across his entire domain.

    37: Treason.

    Some of the PCs followers, perhaps even and entire unit of soldiers has
    turned against him and gone over to the side of an enemy. The PC must
    respond to punish those who have committed treason or he will be shown
    up a
    weak ruler and suffer a minor loss of regency as well as drop in loyalty
    across the PCs realm.

    38: Feud.

    Use the description in the rulebook (pg. 41) for this event.

    39: Disease/Plague.

    A horrible disease has broken out amongst the people of a province in
    PCs kingdom. If now action is taken to cure the plague then the PC will
    suffer a major loss of regency, as well as drop of loyalty in the
    Also the plague will spread to an additional province each turn, with
    similar effects for each province if the PC ignores the effects.
    The result of the plague on the people causes the province level to drop
    1 each turn the plague is left uncured. Finding a cure may result in
    special quest on the PCs part to find the cure.

    40: Astronomical Event.

    A meteor shower, comet, or similar event leads to the discussion among
    people of the PCs domain on the omens that it foretells. This may have
    little effect on the PC, but the oracle could just as easily decide that
    the meteor means that the PC is an unfit regent and should be replace.
    event allows the DM to put in anything that he wishes.

    41: Imperial Event.

    This should only occur in Anuire, and indicates an event relating to the
    entire Empire. Perhaps the Imperial Chamberlain is coming to visit the
    kingdom, or maybe the Gorgon is invading again and the PC has been asked
    contribute troops to help fend off the invasion. Even a meeting to
    someone for the position of Emperor could be occur.

    42: Cataclysmic Natural Event

    A great natural disaster has struck the PCs kingdom. This could be a
    earthquake, volcano, hurricane or similar. The result of this is that
    provinces produce no income this turn, and the PC must spend 1d4 GB on a
    relief effort for each effected province. Failure to respond to the
    disaster results in a loss of 1 level for each province effected as well
    a major loss of regency.

    43: Labour Dispute.

    A workers uprising or strike has stopped all construction or trade in a
    province for this turn. No building is done on any castles or other
    structures in the province or all trade routes have been closed down
    the dispute in solved. If the PC ignores the problem it will continue
    similar effects, and the PC will suffer a minor loss of regency.

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    Tim Nutting

    Expanded Random Events Table

    Darkstar! Awesome stuff!

    I'm still reformatting it for personal use - but thanx much! One thing
    thats allways troubled me about random events is the frequency. The rules
    have you roll once for each domain at the beginning of the turn. Okay - so
    what if I happen to have acquired half of Anuire and have a 30 province
    domain? Areas that had a dozen random events before me now only have 1?

    Perhaps a better ruling might be to assign a random event per 10 to 15
    provinces a domain covers, thus necessitating lieutenants and vassals.


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    Tim Nutting

    Expanded Random Events Table

    ummmm - just one problem here - where's the rest beyond labor dispute?

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    Expanded Random Events Table

    Tim Nutting wrote:
    > ummmm - just one problem here - where's the rest beyond labor dispute?

    I will be putting it up on my webpage sometime, so you can get the whole
    file then. I will notify the list when I have updated everything, which
    should be as soon as I can spare a few hours, like the end of the week

    - --
    Ian Hoskins

    ICQ: 2938300

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    Tim Nutting

    Expanded Random Events Table



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