I would like to know what everyone though about Bows vs. Crossbow.

IMO Birthright had definetly made the crossbow a worthwhile weapon.
Without the THAC0 bonus a crossbow is a terrible weapon (well not that
bad). A bow has much better damage and is faster fireing. Old crossbows
had only a small range advantage plus the fact that you can shoot a
crossbow with little effort.
I now look upon the crossbow as a respectable weapon, but only by the BR

I look upon a Bow like a rife and a crossbow reminds me of a shotgun.


Why can't a short bow shoot sheaf arrows? Perhaps the arrow will fly
fifty feet at max but so what? It's better than hitting the bad guy
with your bow.

A longbow and a shortbow fitted with flight arrows are both shot at
someone 10 feet away. They deal an equal 1d6 damage. REALITY CHECK! A
longbow has more power to it (show by its increased range) and would
thus deal more damage at close range than a short bow.

In one historical example the arrow from an English Longbow pireced a
Kngihts Leg armor (this is field plate here, the arrow hit a solid metal
plate) and came out the other side!

Warcards...Someone was talking about making t battlemat larger (6 x
8?)and make missle ranges 2 squares to compensate. I have a better
Idea. Give Archers and Crossbowmen a range of 2. Give those dumb
people who throw sharp sticks (spears) a range of 1. I always hated how
an Anurian Longbowman could hit and BE HIT (of all things) by some dumb
guy on a horse throwing sharp sticks.

Strength...Shouldn't a stong person get range bonuses for hurled weapons
and (possibly) bows? I mean I guy who can't lift a five year old can't
throw a spear as far as a guy with godly strength (ie 19+).


A lot of computer RPGs have armor proficency. One of my PCs asked about
this and I told im that warriors were proficent in all types of armor,
wizards in none, etc. But, what if a Thief wants to join a compny of
elite infantry (this is for spy stuff, and an EXAPMLE) and has to fight
with them? Thieves can't wear Field Plate! So lets create the armor

Armor Proficeny
Costs 1 weapon proficeny slot to become proficent if an armor not
norally allowed by your class. Wizards still can't cast spells in
armor, thieves can't use abilities (exept if you use the special table
in the Ranger's Hanbook but that only covers MS and HiS), and a priest
wouldn't want to wear something he normally can't (cause he doesn't want
to be visited by a bolt of enery from the heavan, ie lightning). This
also applies to warriors when they find new armor (as in never before
seen by anyone from the PC's area). Like a Samuri finding a Kngiht's
Plate Mail.

Also, one of my PCs asked about a new ability score, LUCK! It works for
computer games where there is no real intelligence but in a real life
campaign a DM can kinda tell if a character is a lucky type
(Elven Triple Multi-Classed Collectors are) or unlucky (Swashbuckers in
that trouble looks for them) based on the way the character is played.

I'm stopping now (finally). Reaction? Comments? should I Shut up?