On Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:03:39 -0500 Benji Craddock
> Okay, I have a 5th level paladin regent who I boldly earned a domain
>on the ISLE of TAMLE.... I have the largest navy in the world, and an
>average army.... Now, but how do I conquer lands to bring it under one
>flag, MINE, when I am Lawful Good?

"An empire founded by war has to maintain itself by war" - Montesquieu

Why is it so important that you conquer lands to bring them under
your rule? Are they not doing well enough on their own? I think that
you're looking down the dark path and finding that it's easier than the
path of light. Being a player and that my character is a Paladin as
well, I know this first hand. I, as a player, was pretty excited the two
times my character killed evil blooded characters and got a point from
one and two from another. I then saw how *close* I was to going up to
the next level and wanted to main and kill and bloodtheft evil people.
Luckily my DM saw what was going on, got together with other DMs to get
*their* "official version" of bloodtheft and handed out sheets to all of
us explaining the different aspects of bloodtheft. Anyways, I no longer
became greedy with bloodpoints (I'll get them when I get them) and am
kosher now.
If you are Ilien's vassal and you're wanting to take over his
domain, that sounds pretty evil to me.
"A nation cannot remain great if it betrays its allies and lets
down its friends" - Richard M. Nixon
I think you are about to (if you haven't already) go down the road of
"conquering in the name of me" instead of protecting Haelyn's name. He
is the lord of noble war and conquering lands to put them under YOUR flag
really doesn't seem that noble.
For a greater role-playing challenge, why not try to build law and
temple holdings in domains that you know are run by evil regents. When
they commit evil acts or declare war on someone else or assassinate
someone, then you can wrest control from them in a LAWFUL manner and free
the *good* people from oppression.

Take care,
Valor above all

"Ambition is the grand enemy of all peace" - John Cowper Powys

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