On Monday, June 15, 1998 1:35 PM, Ronnie Livingston [SMTP:rliv@GlobeSet.com]
> As old as the Art of War is the Art of excuses for War. With anything
> from liberating people, items, or even the very land itself from evil.
> Look at any war and you will see excuses from all sides.

True, but in this case, a paladin is involved. If his/her actions are less
than pure, there is the risk of losing paladin status. All the strategies
presented are very good, but seem to be aimed at a less.... principled ruler.
A paladin will not go to war simply to expand territory, but as you point out,
to stop evil. Setting up that evil himself is bit out-of-character. A
paladin, IMHO, cannot simply use an excuse of evil to wage war; he or she must
truly believe there is evil at hand before being moved to action. To do
otherwise compromises the paladin.

Just a few thoughts.

Bob Addy