As old as the Art of War is the Art of excuses for War. With anything
from liberating people, items, or even the very land itself from evil.
Look at any war and you will see excuses from all sides.

As for the Ilien question, are you the religious leader as well of
Tamle? If not become so even if it's by a church of England type rise to
power. With this done just proclaim visions from God that Evil is at the
heart of dear Ilien. You seek to enlightened the peoples and bring
victory for Goodness. If nothing else all of you badgering and calls for
a holy war against Ilien should spur Ilien into sending an expeditionary
force to quell the now rebellious Tamle.

With the approach of the Evil, foreign invaders, start singing Dixie and
rally your people against the oppresive Iliens. Maybe have some Paul guy
riding through the streets crying "The Iliens are comming, the Iliens
are coming." So what if they are only coming because you stopped paying
taxes and threw a bunch of tea into some harbour. *grin*

Semper Fidelis,

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