> > all is your identification of the "prime materia" with the plane of
> > positive energy, although I will admit that it makes a certain amount of
> > sense to have the Shadow World then be the plane of negative energy.
> > However, I just don't care for it. I personally prefer to do completely
> > away with the whole concept of positive and negative energy planes in
> > Aebrynnis, since the "power" for spells here comes from the natural
> > meghveil of the land (and besides, I think the whole concept of positive
> > and negative energy plane is pretty silly).
> Well I wasn't really considering them as similar to the planes of
> positive and negative energy as are normally found, but rather Aebrynnis
> as the plane of positive version of the planet, and the Shadow world as
> negative version, with the etheral plane seperating them. I mainly put
> that bit in to try to indicate that positive magic came from natural
> energy that flows across Aerbrynis, while negative magic (like
> Necromancy) draws on energy from the shadow world. Much the same as what
> you where saying.
> What I sent out was only a quick draft that I wrote up, based on a
> single scrap of paper I had written something down on a few weeks back
> and some idea I came up with while I was writing it. Nothing there is
> final and I hope to sometime do a complete write up, that post was more
> to stimulate discussion more than anything else.
A few notes to the positive vs. negative plane part of the
discussion. Remember that the Shadow World has not been the Shadow World for
more than a couple of millenia. It was about the same as Mount Deismaar,
that the Halfling began leaving their world, and came to Cerilia. Before
that the Shadow World was a place of Light and Joy etc. etc.

The way I understand it the Shadow World is EITHER a parallel
dimension to the Cerilian dimension, OR a demi-plane in the Ether.

So maybe something like this:

Positive Plane
*** Cerilia ***