Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:

> > So anyway here is what I propose instead, in order of innermost plane,
> > to outermost.
> I assume that you are refering to concentric "spheres" in the sense of the
> crystal spheres of Ptolemaic astonomy, at least in a metaphysical sense,
> if not literally.

Yes something like that.

> Your realm descriptions were pretty good. Most of the problems I have with
> this schema are right here. I like your elemental planes in a concentric
> sphere arraingement. Does this mean that earth and fire elementals are
> easier to conjure than water and air elementals? The thing I DON'T like at

No, I just put them in that order as an afterthought when I was doing
the writeup. Basically it goes in the same order as is found on earth.
Fire for the molten core of the plantet, earth for the crust, water for
the oceans, and air for the atmosphere.

> all is your identification of the "prime materia" with the plane of
> positive energy, although I will admit that it makes a certain amount of
> sense to have the Shadow World then be the plane of negative energy.
> However, I just don't care for it. I personally prefer to do completely
> away with the whole concept of positive and negative energy planes in
> Aebrynnis, since the "power" for spells here comes from the natural
> meghveil of the land (and besides, I think the whole concept of positive
> and negative energy plane is pretty silly).

Well I wasn't really considering them as similar to the planes of
positive and negative energy as are normally found, but rather Aebrynnis
as the plane of positive version of the planet, and the Shadow world as
negative version, with the etheral plane seperating them. I mainly put
that bit in to try to indicate that positive magic came from natural
energy that flows across Aerbrynis, while negative magic (like
Necromancy) draws on energy from the shadow world. Much the same as what
you where saying.
What I sent out was only a quick draft that I wrote up, based on a
single scrap of paper I had written something down on a few weeks back
and some idea I came up with while I was writing it. Nothing there is
final and I hope to sometime do a complete write up, that post was more
to stimulate discussion more than anything else.

The main idea I wanted to throw around was doing away with the same out
outer planes system that is found on other worlds and putting in the
land of the dead or something similar as a replacement. I wanted to
leave the astral plane there however as a way for being from other
worlds to contact Aebrynis, mainly because there have been some mentions
of fiends and the like in the published material.
The short description of each gods domain was something I came up with
while I was writting it up.

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