Benji Craddock asked about the swashbuckler:
> does a swashbuckler fight toe to toe to the
>death.... My DM sayd I cant leave my party etc.

Eric Dunn said:
Either way, a swashbuckler is daring, and dashing, and wants to be a hero
(in most cases, and IMO), but that doesn't make them stupid.

If the party was still fighting, then yes, I'd say the Swashbuckler would
remain. If he was covering a party's retreat, he would probably remain
fighting. If the party had finally made good their escape, than I think he
might at that point want to live to fight another day, and make good his
own escape.

Kariu replied:

>Yes, according to your description, I would think that a 2nd level
>swashbuckler would be a rare thing. Even Paladin's retreat in the face
>certain doom, if there is no honor lost and their protectorate's are safe.

Both Eric and Kariu made important points. Yes a swashbuckler is bold and
daring,dashing and often foolhardy. Yes one will do dangerous things for
the thrill of it. But they are not stupid. Neither is the paladin, whose
honour often keeps him in a fight even when others retreat, but who does
realize that reatreat often can allow one to fight another day and to
defeat evil at that time. Does anyone but me remember the article from
Dragon magazine from a number of years ago? Lawful good is Not Stupid is
the title I think. That is one of the points made in that article.

A DM might remind a player that a swashbuckler will tend to stick in a
fight longer than some might, but forcing a player to stay and to have his
character killed when staying is a stupid move is not something I as a DM
would want to do.


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