> How did Ghoigwwnnwd die?
> I am just curious if there is any information on him.
> THis came up in my mind when one of my players said, "Hey lets casts
> Speak with Dead and ask that thimevril elf guy how he does it!"
> I stopped such an easy approach (I wouldn't mind if they risked thier
> lives sixteen times, lost thier most powerful magical items and an arm
> or two) with Elven Death and The Elements (ie Elves blow up when they
> die, I didn't tell them about the elementals. THey arn't wizards or
> elves so they shouldn't know a lot about the little pools o' elf.)

I haven't been able to find anything, except that tighmaevril was
created app. two millenia ago, according to Talinie PS.

Speak with Dead wouldn't be much use anyway, unless your priest is
21st level, as the maximum length of time the questioned spirit can
be dead is 100 years for 20th level. The time available for
questioning is also only 3 turns (still 20th level), and I very much
doubt that the creation of tighmaevril can be explained in half an

Do elves have a spirit, anyway? Would Speak with Dead work if they

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