I'm not sure I understood the domain action resolution and war move sequences.
The main problem is that domain action are supposed to be resolved one at a time, while battles are resolved simultaneously.

A step-by-step example might explain more easily what I mean. Suppose we have 4 landed regents, named A to D in order of initiative.

Regent A rolled the highest domain initiative and completes his domain actions.

Regent B acts next. He would like to do the following:
- Court action 1: decree: declare war on regent A
- Standard action: move troops to invade regent A's provinces
- Character action: travel (moving with the troops)
- Court action 2: occupy province on any enemy province he might have conquered
- Court action 3: muster troops (to replenish casualties)

Now, "war moves are resolved [...] before any other domain actions for the month are resolved" (p.122).
Does this mean that as soon as regent B's standard action (or even court action 1) is played, all other domain actions "freeze" while four war moves are resolved?
Or are the war moves delayed until everyone declares his actions (but domain actions are still resolved after the war moves)?

In either case, problems arise with wars involving more than two parties, delay actions and other contemporarity(does this word exist in English?:wacko issues

In the first case, for example, imagine that on his turn regent C declares war on regent B without allying with regent A.
Regent C's turn is played after the first month of war between A and B has been resolved, so their units have already played 4 war moves... which now have to be played again, since there's a new army involved.

In the second case, there's a departure from standard 3rd edition initiative routines (namely, actions are now declared in advance, without knowing results of previous actions in the same round), which makes everything quite complex with more than, 6 regents or so.

I'm thinking to write my own home rules for the whole initiative and action resolution sequences, but I first wished to check if I understood correctly how the playtest rules work, and how other players/DM handle this sort of stuff.
I suspect that it would be far easier to handle this sort of thing in a PBeM-like fashion, that is, everyone declares his actions in advance, then initiative is rolled and actions are resolved as usual.