Sepsis, sorry this is in this forum. I didn't know of any other way to
keep people informed. Since I've been emailing these lists daily, I
figured someone needed an explanation.

I'm going to be out of town until next Wednesday. If you expect a
response from me on something before then, you are out of luck. I
probably won't be able to get through all my email until next Friday, so
don't expect anything before then.

It seems that my bridges submission hasn't received any comments. Either
it's that good, or stinks so bad everyone simply tossed it out. Let's
put it on the Misc. Submissions page....

So, Mark, you should have a vote on your SW sources while I'm gone and
can't say anything about it. ;)
Seriously, though, I've said my piece on them. It seems I'm in the
minority, though. So, if everyone else wants SW sources, fine. Let's
get it voted on and move on. I fully support the will of the majority.


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