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    Peter Hodge

    A couple of magic items

    Here's a couple of magic items for your consumption:

    Life's Blood

    This heavy-bladed dagger is of incredibly ancient dwarven forging and so the story of its making and subsequent use is forever lost. As the weapon was originally made for a dwarf, it is a small weapon with an overall length of just under seven inches (which suits Throat just fine as it means he can easily conceal it). The dagger appears to be all one piece, although the otherwise unadorned hilt is carved with a number of angular runic symbols that almost a millennium of use has not dulled. These runes identify the creator (and his clan) of the weapon and when it was forged. Even modern day dwarves will find it hard to translate these writings as the dwarven written language has changed over the last thousand years.
    Throat found this weapon when the Blood Hawks discovered an abandoned, dwarven built complex beneath the warehouse in Proudglaive out of which the Blood Hawks initially operated. The final adventure in the Blood Hawk Trilogy - Blood And Fire, provides exhaustive detail about the dwarven complex. Suffice it to say that the dagger had lain undisturbed in a sealed armoury for almost 200 hundred years. After finding the dagger and learning of its magical nature, Throat quickly adopted it as own and, in time, came to learn some of the dagger's other abilities (described below). He was mightily impressed with his new possession and gave it the rather grandiose name of "Life's Blood".
    Life's Blood functions as a +1 dagger in all respects but that is not the limit of its power. Its most potent ability slows down the blood clotting process around any wounds inflicted with the dagger. The consequent increase in blood loss results in the wounded being taking an extra point of damage in the round after the wound is initially caused. Obviously, this property of Life's Blood only works on beings that have blood (the exact qualities of the blood doesn't matter - it works just as well as on humans as it does on elves, dwarves, etc). This extra ight. However, magical quarrels or unusual situations may change this number. Seeker's other extra enchantment simply allows the weapon's owner to understand the orog tongue whenever the weapon is held. Note this power only grants understanding of spoken orog - the ability to speak or write orog is not gained.
    The Rockhammer clan in Baruk-Azhik would be forever indebted to anyone who returned this weapon to them. At the very least, the Rockhammers would throw a lavish celebration and feast in honour of the person who brought Kîranka home. They would also name that person Moradin's Servant (an ancient title that binds all dwarves to offer reasonable aid if it is asked of them).

    Peter "Dragon" Hodge
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    A couple of magic items

    On Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:41:41 +1000 Peter Hodge writes:
    >Here's a couple of magic items for your consumption:
    >Life's Blood

    >Peter "Dragon" Hodge

    Very nice! I like it.


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