You'll see that a Ranger is sort of a woodland spy if you look at most
any ranger material. So I came up with the modifiers for a Ranger's
(new) Free Espionage action.

Works like a normal espinage but can only catalog troop movements, and
other things that do not interfere with the target.

Sucess is modified diffrently.

Base is 10+

- -Worsened- by the level of the target province (a ranger is better in
the wilderness)

Improved by guild holdings
Worsened by -1/2- the level of enemy law holdings (round down) if aimed
at a province ruler


Bob the Ranger wants to find out what troops Ghore has in Achiese(4/1).
he has a guild (2) there.

His chance of sucess is 10 +4 (level of target)-2 (guild holding) + 1=13

He they may bid RP as usual

What do ya think